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Tax Planning

SCS Growth can either work with your current tax and other financial professionals or offer an independent tax assessment. We have developed a proprietary tax-planning workbook designed as a tool that can be used in annual tax-planning meetings. In addition to targeted questions and space for planning notes, the workbook contains information sheets, calculators, and record-keeping tools to help business owners implement the plan and keep track of deductible expenses. Meetings typically result in AT LEAST $5,000 in tax savings beyond what you already enjoy. The workbook contains tools and information about the following strategies:

  • Tax-free home rental
  • Home office deduction
  • Income Shifting (both earned and unearned)
  • Saving and paying for college tax-efficiently
  • Deducting health expenses
  • Vehicle deduction options
  • Business travel planning and deductions
  • Meals and entertainment deductions

Our advisers can also answer a variety of additional planning questions and identify and implement more complex planning strategies customized to your individual circumstances and revenue. Some popular subjects include discussing the pros and cons of different business tax structures, 1031/1035 exchanges, charitable gifting, business succession planning, selling your business, estate taxes, etc.

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